“Return to your fortress, O prisoners of hope; even
now I announce that I will restore twice as much to
you”. Zechariah 9:12


The rose is kissed
The sun is waited upon,
The song of nightingale
The walk on the green carpet
On a hillside
The eyes resting on a cloud
In the mountains
Splendid nature
With its numerous poems

The longing for a kiss
The long wait of a soul
The ears that never heard a song
The tired walk of unknown path
The longing for a mountain to rest.
Human beings,
With their numerous stories
Of pain wait upon
When nature has – souls
To admire but not these people

We at prisoners of hope
Hope by His grace to open
Up the doors,
To reach them
To give them
And take them
To a new horizon called
Hope- Hoping On Proposed Eternity
To bring them closer
Not to nature
But God himself
To carve out & reveal the eternal plan
God has kept for them.

To make them part of rejoicing society
And shelter them under the love
And peace of God
For we hope
To bring them closer to God
Is to bring them closer
To their needs